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多轴自动喷漆机是一种常用的喷涂设备,它是机械化的自动操作,能够减少人手的接触,而且喷涂效率高,一次能够进行多见喷涂。今天就给大家具体介绍下多轴自动喷漆机使用注意事项有哪些。 1、在使用多轴自动喷漆机的时候,首先要选择底漆,对于对于喷涂的涂层质量具有重要的意义,底漆要对工件的表面具有很好的附着力,而且具有防……
  • Release date:2023-09-27
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精密喷涂线是指:经过下面一系列的操作过程进行生产的生产线 1、投入产品:把被涂物放到插件上开始工作 2、静电除尘:把注塑时带来的油质,灰尘除掉 3、预热:为了更好的上色给被涂物一点温度 4、底漆喷涂:把塑料本身的颜色覆盖,为生产要求颜色先底色喷涂 5、烘干:通过隧道里的IR区的温度,进行半……
  • Release date:2023-09-27
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早期的喷涂设备有往复机配合自动喷枪进行简易的喷涂,随着技术的日新月异和产品的多样化,简易的往复机已经不能满足形状各异和复杂喷涂工艺的要求。工业柔性机器人喷涂技术已经不可逆转地成为了涂装生产线中不可缺少的一个重要环节。为了追求喷涂过程更高的效率和更大的灵活性,从20世纪90年代起汽车工业开始引入自动喷涂机器人技术。 ……
  • Release date:2023-09-21
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  • Release date:2023-09-21
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What should be considered in selecting spraying automation equipment
The rapid innovation of industry technology makes today's automated instruments more diverse, such as full-featured, high-quality spraying automation instrument applications have improved their spraying effects and their work efficiency. Under the wid
  • Release date:2023-09-14
  • Browse times:2091
Spray robot and electronic proportioning system
In a continuous production line, spraying robots are used to spray different products, often requiring timely replacement of the oil well spraying used, dismantling and cleaning of pipelines, etc., the proportioning of spray painting and the treatment of
  • Release date:2023-09-14
  • Browse times:2114
The reason for the increasing popularity of Powder Spraying Robots
Nowadays, the number of technical personnel engaged in professional work is steadily shrinking, and the labor cost is increasing. Various types of technical robots led by intelligence have emerged at the historic moment. The highly praised dusting robots
  • Release date:2023-09-07
  • Browse times:2091
Performance advantages of spraying robot compared with manual spraying
With the rapid development of intelligent manufacturing and the rapid popularization of industrial robots, spraying robots are also accelerating the process transformation of traditional spraying industries with advantages such as high spraying quality, h
  • Release date:2023-09-07
  • Browse times:2398
What kind of automatic spraying equipment manufacturing company should be selected
With the overall advanced technology level, many consumers choose to cooperate with automatic spraying equipment manufacturing companies, because automatic spraying equipment can spray buildings and houses in all directions, and more importantly, they can
  • Release date:2023-08-31
  • Browse times:2065
What is spray robot? What are the characteristics of the species?
Spraying robot, also known as spraypaintingrobot, is an industrial robot that can automatically spray paint or spray other coatings. It was invented by Norwegian Trallfa company (later incorporated into the abb group) in 1969. The painting robot is mainly
  • Release date:2023-08-31
  • Browse times:2585
What are the advantages of UV spraying equipment
UV paint is a type of equipment that is particularly common in the spraying industry today and the core of the current coating process. Its own spray painting process and corresponding spraying equipment have been greatly improved and a better surface tre
  • Release date:2023-08-24
  • Browse times:2237
What are the characteristics of spray robot
The cost of painting materials today is very high, and it is potentially harmful to humans. In contrast, the emergence of spraying robots makes this work safer and faster and saves materials. There are many benefits, which are greatly appreciated and appr
  • Release date:2023-08-24
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