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自动喷漆机器人主要由机器人本体、计算机和相应的控制系统组成。液压喷漆机器人还包括液压油源,如油泵、油箱和电机。大多是5、6自由度的铰接结构。手臂运动空间大,可以做复杂的轨迹运动,手腕一般有2 ~ 3个自由度,可以灵活移动。   自动喷涂机器人   先进喷涂机器人的手腕采用柔性手腕,可全方位弯……
  • Release date:2023-05-26
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  • Release date:2023-05-26
  • Browse times:4543
Robots are used for spraying
In the traditional manufacturing industry, the size of employees marks the strength of an enterprise; but in the Foton Motor Shandong Multi-functional Vehicle Factory, it has been impossible to see the labor scene of head surge and sparks. Robot arms are
  • Release date:2023-05-18
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自动喷涂机器人和喷涂设备是喷涂行业中的两种喷涂工艺。虽然喷涂机器人和喷涂设备都是机械喷涂,但它们产品的形状和灵活性是不同的。你知道喷涂机器人和喷涂设备的优缺点吗? 自动喷涂机器人的优点: 1.与普通手工喷涂相比,喷涂机器人具有更高的喷涂质量 喷涂机器人按照轨迹准确无误地进行喷涂,完美地控制了喷枪的启动……
  • Release date:2023-05-18
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What are the reasons for the promising development of dusting robots?
The advent of the era of intelligence has also led many industries to use robots to replace the work of ordinary workers. And the simple work of dusting toys and other objects can naturally use a dusting robot. Because the use of dusting robot can not onl
  • Release date:2023-05-08
  • Browse times:1919
The reason why spraying automation manufacturers are trustworthy
Spraying equipment has unique application characteristics in the coating of articles and various fields, which can better meet the perfection of domestic spraying applications. And through the unremitting efforts of high-end spray automation manufacturers
  • Release date:2023-05-08
  • Browse times:1809
Key parameters of spraying robot
At present, the degree of automation of spraying robots is getting higher and higher, and they are basically fully automatic. If the spraying parameters are not set well before spraying, it will lead to defective batches. 1.Spraying flow The
  • Release date:2023-04-27
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Advantages of Robot Spraying in toy spraying
Toy spraying is a relatively complicated and delicate process, which is equivalent to re-coloring the toy. The flatness of the paint surface and the thickness ratio are particular. The good toy spraying can complete all the coloring tasks within the speci
  • Release date:2023-04-27
  • Browse times:1912
What are the standards that painting equipment needs to meet?
As its name indicates, the painting equipment is mainly auxiliary equipment dedicated to painting, which can effectively improve the efficiency of painting. Which spray painting equipment is good is a question with a high frequency of inquiry. It is recom
  • Release date:2023-04-21
  • Browse times:1915
Spray robot and electronic proportioning system
In a continuous production line, spraying robots are used to spray different products, often requiring timely replacement of the oil well spraying used, dismantling and cleaning of pipelines, etc., the proportioning of spray painting and the treatment of
  • Release date:2023-04-21
  • Browse times:1919
Why spray equipment manufacturers are favored by customers
Spraying equipment plays an important role in the coating of modern articles and related marked area projects. In recent years, as the basic technology and quality awareness of spraying equipment manufacturers have gradually improved, these equipments hav
  • Release date:2023-04-12
  • Browse times:1992
Performance advantages of spraying robot compared with manual spraying
With the rapid development of intelligent manufacturing and the rapid popularization of industrial robots, spraying robots are also accelerating the process transformation of traditional spraying industries with advantages such as high spraying quality, h
  • Release date:2023-04-12
  • Browse times:2176
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