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What standards should spraying automation meet?
  • Release date:2023-11-30
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In recent years, with the further implementation of spraying standardization requirements, today's spraying requirements not only focus on ordinary spraying effects, but also have many requirements such as safety, health, and environmental protection. There is also a need for landscaping on top of multiple standards. So what specific standards need to be met in the development of specific spray automation to better meet the needs of the market?


I. Health protection that meets national standards

Nowadays, the country has health and safety guarantees for all walks of life, and it needs to be comprehensively implemented in many aspects in terms of environmental protection and safety. Therefore, providing good service for spraying automation must meet national health standards, both in the equipment itself. In terms of application, it is still implemented in the relevant content of the supply, and in line with the market's inspection standards. To implement the safety from a comprehensive perspective, can we better lay a certain degree of improvement in the market recognition of the continuously improving quality of spray automation. Guarantee, better meet the market's supervision requirements, and ensure that the requirements for quality implementation are laid.

Second, strong technical support to ensure the implementation of stability standards

The standard of stability is an indispensable specification in the development of spraying automation work, especially for the improvement of spraying requirements, spraying automation is required, with strong technology as the support to achieve super strong and stable work execution. Good service and strong spraying automation will strictly control material control through the integration of advanced technology, and then fundamentally better ensure that the comprehensive and stable operation goal of spraying automation is achieved. Therefore, the strong spray automation will also use stability as the measurement combination standard in the production process. Through a more comprehensive and standardized combination, it will ensure that the continuous and uninterrupted work goals in the actual work are achieved.

In short, today's advanced automatic spray coating production needs to start from the needs of use, and the country's requirements for health, safety, and use quality are fully implemented, so as to better ensure the efficient use of technically complete spray coating automation. . Lay more comprehensive guarantee for more spraying improvement and more demand implementation, and escort for more process satisfaction.

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