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How to choose spraying robot
  • Release date:2020-03-09
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With the continuous deepening of the national "machine substitution" plan, more and more manufacturers have begun to use high-end spraying robots for painting operations on the coating production line, and the spraying robots also rely on intelligence and precision The advantages such as strong flexibility and so on are welcomed by spray operators, so what aspects can we start with when spraying robots?


First, look at the size of spray products

There is no doubt that the spraying robots of different models, different manufacturers, different characteristics and different performances work differently. Therefore, we must choose a spraying robot with a suitable spraying space according to the size of the spraying product. Only in this way can we ensure that The working range of the spraying robot can cover the sprayed surface of the product being sprayed.

Second, look at the spray gun and spraying form

We know that spray guns for spraying robots are air guns, electrostatic spray guns, and electrostatic dust guns. Different spray guns not only have different paint utilization rates, but also their spraying effects are different. Therefore, spraying operators must follow the spray gun form. It is important to choose a spraying robot that is suitable for the characteristics of your product.

Third, look at technical strength

When choosing a spraying robot, one thing that cannot be ignored is the continuity and strength of the spraying robot technology, so we must choose a spraying robot manufacturer with a strong reputation. We must not blindly look at the price and need to mention The only thing is that you can buy high-quality, durable and cost-effective spraying robots only by spending the right money, so that production efficiency and work quality can be guaranteed.

It can be seen that the choice of spraying robots must be based on the size of the spraying product and the form of the spray gun, and also based on the technical aspects of the spraying robot. In addition, you can also consider the motion speed, acceleration, and repetition of the spraying robot. Starting with accuracy and other aspects, of course, spraying robots with good reputation and good after-sales service are all worth choosing.

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