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What are the items to be determined before spraying toys
  • Release date:2023-07-20
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Toy spraying is a key part in making toys, and is often used as one of the next steps. For good after-sales service, toy spraying does not need to worry about quality problems in the future. It can always seek the assistance of the original manufacturer at all times, so consumers You should learn to choose a good toy spray to avoid problems such as unevenness of the paint surface due to inadequate techniques, and secondary rework is required. So what should be determined before spraying the toy?


1.Specific type and quantity range of toys

The first thing to determine before spraying toys is the type and quantity of toys. It is important to know that there are endless types of toys on the market. A large number of types are still being continuously updated and improved. Therefore, it is necessary to determine the type of toys to facilitate the corresponding spray paint The method and quantity must also be accurately calculated, including Party A's delivery date.

2.Thickness of paint surface

The second major thing to determine before spraying the toy is the thickness of the paint. For example, some toys are suitable for thin hues, while other toys are suitable for thick paint. Therefore, it is necessary to determine the amount of paint beforehand. More and less are directly linked to the thickness, and the price levels reflected are naturally different.

3.The allocation and combination of paint colors

The third major thing to be determined before spraying toys is color matching. Most toys are suitable for using a single color paint, but there are also some toys that require multiple color combinations. The former process tends to be simplified and the latter process It takes more time and energy, and the painted color should be shown to the customer before spraying.

The above content briefly summarizes the three major items that need to be determined before spraying the toy. The first thing to confirm is the type and specific quantity of the toy, so as to make a schedule of the daily spraying amount. After that, it is the painted The thickness and color match, only after confirming all the three parts, can we officially enter the normal process of toy spraying.

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