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Continuous innovation: soft application successful!
  • Release date:2020-03-09
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Canlin Smart successfully applied for the first batch


Software copyright is also known as soft work, which represents a company's technology accumulation and investment in technology research and development. Internally, it is an intangible asset of a technology-based enterprise, and externally, it demonstrates its technical strength and R & D capabilities.

Shenzhen Canlin Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd., as a technology-oriented enterprise with technology as the core and customer demand as the driving force, has worked hard with customers to solve product production methods and process improvements. A technical problem. Because we understand that continuous innovation in technology, products, and solutions around customer value can enable companies to continue to grow and take root in the industry. With so many stars and moons, we have been struggling in the front line, accumulating technical achievements one after another, which is full of the hard work of each Canlin people.

In order to establish a better management system for R & D achievements, we have applied for software copyrights for these achievements, and used patent rights for effective protection. From the submission of the application to the receipt of the software copyright registration certificate, we have waited a long time for 4 months. But everything is worth it. Looking at the seal of the "National Copyright Administration of the People's Republic of China" on the certificate and seeing that our achievements have been protected by the country is undoubtedly a pinch for our technology-based enterprises.

There are a total of 8 software copyrights applied for this time, including "Canlin fixed gun automatic line spray control system", "Canlin robot online tracking spray system", "Canlin supporting robot spraying process control system", "Canlin spray flow Control System "," Canlin Three-Axis Turntable Spray Control System "," Canlin Five-Axis Turntable Spray Control System "," Canlin Rotary Cup Spray Control System "," Canlin Hollow Turntable Spray Control System ".

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Address: 301A, building B, No. 10 Tongfu Road, tangxiayong, Yanluo street, Bao'an District, Shenzhen
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