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Spray robot and electronic proportioning system
  • Release date:2023-09-14
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In a continuous production line, spraying robots are used to spray different products, often requiring timely replacement of the oil well spraying used, dismantling and cleaning of pipelines, etc., the proportioning of spray painting and the treatment of residual spray painting all require The operation is performed manually, which increases the cost of employment and reduces the efficiency of production. Using electronic proportioning system can effectively improve work efficiency and production efficiency.

GRACO's ProMix series is one of the electronic proportioning systems. ProMix electronic proportioning system has high adaptability and high efficiency. There are two series of 2KS (two-component) and upgraded 3KS (three-component). 2KS provides accurate and reliable electronic proportioning for a variety of solvent-based, water-based and acid-curing materials. 3KS accurately mixes three components. From manual to automatic operation, ProMix 3KS offers an optimized rinse sequence including a third rinse option.

Why use an electronic proportioning system?

Guarantee high precision ratio

Provide feedback on key process variables

Built-in system protection

Effective color change solution

Efficient material usage records and reports

Main material

Solvent based epoxy and polyurethane

Waterborne epoxy and polyurethane

Acid-cured material

The characteristics of continuous and uninterrupted work, high-efficiency and precise movement and accurate process control of the spraying robot, high-efficiency fluid discs with fluid supply system, electronic proportioning system, diverse ingredients, precise performance, stable mixing quality and fast color change with less waste The characteristics cooperate with each other, which can greatly increase work efficiency and production efficiency.

Spraying robot MOTOMAN-MPX3500 is a spraying robot that combines the features of the previous six models of the MOTOMAN-EPX series and is further optimized. MOTOMAN-MPX3500 has the following advantages:

Left and right fully symmetrical robot


2. Multiple installation methods


3. Increased range of action


4. Compact paint booth


5. Optimal configuration and performance for spraying applications


6. In order to meet the needs of equipment and use, there are various options configuration



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