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Make further efforts: seven sets of toy spraying system are shipped!
  • Release date:2020-03-09
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Toy spraying system shipped!


"Toy spraying system" is a patented product independently developed by our company (Shenzhen Canlin Intelligent Equipment). It is a highly customized spray automation equipment according to the production process requirements of the fine toy industry. The system's flow control is extremely precise, enabling precise spraying of small toys. The precise cooperation of the spraying robot and the inline rotating table not only saves time, but also the flexible and precise spraying trajectory ensures the quality and consistency of the product.


This customer is the leading boutique toy manufacturer in South China. The order of this batch of spraying equipment has been the fourth cooperation between our company and this customer, which proves that our technical strength and after-sales service have received great support from the boutique toy industry Approved! Fine toy spraying process requires extremely complex and high precision requirements. Past production requires experienced painters. With the continuous rise in labor costs, the development of enterprises has been greatly restricted. For the survival and development of enterprises, changes in production models are imminent. After many contacts, the customer learned that we are an experienced and first-class automated spray coating equipment manufacturer, and they were very relieved to hand over this difficult task to us.

In the early stage, we used the products provided by customers for proof testing. After a comprehensive understanding of the process and the results of the proofing test, our technicians designed a customized solution based on the customer's site layout. The solution not only fully adapts to the automated production of existing products, but also provides customers with updates for future product updates. Leave more room for expansion. The design concept also adheres to our business philosophy: "Listen to your needs, Chan Lin always thinks for you one more step." Later installation and commissioning were successfully completed with the cooperation of customers and the hard sweat of our engineers.


Toy spraying is one of our key development directions and also our competitive advantage. Spraying automation is the general trend. We insist on independent innovation to help China manufacture 2025. "Chan Lin Intelligent" and you move forward!

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Address: 301A, building B, No. 10 Tongfu Road, tangxiayong, Yanluo street, Bao'an District, Shenzhen
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