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Robots are used for spraying
  • Release date:2023-05-18
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In the traditional manufacturing industry, the size of employees marks the strength of an enterprise; but in the Foton Motor Shandong Multi-functional Vehicle Factory, it has been impossible to see the labor scene of head surge and sparks. Robot arms are equipped with tires, Intelligent gluing robots, automatic trolley transportation engines, electromagnetic-powered rail logistics and other machines are all working automatically. The products enter the various processes in an orderly manner. The limited workers are technicians and quietly monitor various data.


Rising labor costs and safety accidents from time to time make it extremely urgent for manufacturing and service industries to replace manual development with robots. In recent years, in accordance with the pilot requirements of “Mechanized Substitution, Robot Operation, and Automated Reduction” of the State Administration of Work Safety, the safety supervision department of the High-tech Zone of Weifang City has actively carried out scientific and technological security operations, created first-class intrinsically safe enterprises, and achieved safe production and economy The "double harvest" of benefits.

According to Tao Zhonghua, director of the Foton Motor Shandong Multi-Function Vehicle Factory, the strong security of science and technology not only guarantees the safe production of the enterprise, guarantees the health of the workers, but also greatly benefits the improvement of the enterprise's efficiency. In order to protect the health of spraying operators, Foton Motor Shandong Multi-function Vehicle Factory invested 55 million yuan to equip 28 spraying robots. After the robot was equipped, the number of workers in the spraying post was reduced by 200, and the workers no longer directly contacted with chemicals, which greatly reduced the incidence of occupational diseases. Not only that, the automated equipment rate of the production line in the spray shop reached 95%, the paint utilization rate increased from 40% to 55%, and the per capita profit increased by 10%, which not only ensured the health of the workers, but also improved efficiency, which is a win-win for the enterprise. select.

In a fully automatic factory, it is not only a single spraying and gluing, including installation, assembly, logistics, etc. At the beginning of construction, Foton Motor Shandong Multi-functional Vehicle Factory established itself as a "smart factory", positioning itself as an intelligent, Digitization and high-end, robots have been applied to all aspects, the key processes of welding and spraying all realize robot operation to ensure product quality.

"It should be said that intelligent manufacturing has now become a main line and main attack direction of Made in China 2025. It is one of the key projects of Made in China 2025. It has also been written in the government work report. The State attaches great importance to it." Deputy Dean Shan Zhongde said that in a 600,000 cylinder head production project just completed, in the cleaning of castings, a robot was developed to replace manual grinding, so that the dust is enclosed in the equipment and the noise will be reduced. Significantly improve the entire environment.

Foton Motor Shandong Multi-functional Vehicle Factory is just a microcosm of the safety production of "mechanized substitution, robot operation, automated reduction of personnel" and "strong technology" in Weifang High-tech Zone.

In the past, when workers were rolling steel dry, it was prone to scalds because of all manual operations. In recent years, Weifang Special Steel Group has implemented "mechanical substitution and automatic reduction of personnel" machinery production, and the equipment has been transformed and replaced, which has greatly reduced the number of employees. The labor intensity has reduced safety accidents, and everyone is more active in working.

Weifang Special Steel Group invested 56 million yuan to comprehensively upgrade and improve key links such as ironmaking and steelmaking. The automation rate of important parts such as blast furnace loading and sintering reached 100%. All high-risk processes are equipped with automatic control and emergency interlocking devices. Production efficiency Increased by 17%, labor consumption reduced by 11%, the cost per ton of steel reduced by more than 5%, object blows, high temperature burns and other accidents were reduced by 65%, and benefits were increased by more than 15%.

Not long ago, two other companies in the high-tech zone also tasted the sweetness of "strong technology". Weifang Futai Machinery Co., Ltd. improved the nodulizing agent for casting and improved the quality of castings; Weifang Junze Machinery Co., Ltd. constructed a slow cooling pit, improved the cooling rate, and increased the product yield. The improvement of technology has greatly improved the efficiency and quality of the two companies. When it comes to this, the heads of both companies praised the same person. It was with his help that the company improved the technology and increased profits. . The key person in their mouth is Zuo Qiwei, a doctor just recruited by the Safety Supervision Bureau of the Hi-tech Zone. He graduated from the University of Science and Technology Beijing with a major in metallurgical engineering. He has a deep theoretical foundation for metal melting operations, production and inspection equipment And rich practical experience.

In order to make the road of "strong science and technology safer" go further and further, the Safety Supervision Bureau of the High-tech Zone will take advantage of the professional advantages of doctor of metallurgy and cooperate with enterprises to solve technical problems. 14 mechanical manufacturing and foundry enterprises in the High-tech Zone will benefit from it. At the same time, the Security Supervision Bureau of the High-tech Zone also selected third-party intermediary agencies across the country and hired 62 experts and senior engineers to address the crux of different enterprises and formulate targeted transformation measures.

"Science and technology are the primary productive forces, and also a powerful driving force for promoting safe production. Science and technology make safety more secure." Yao Kezeng, director of the Safety Supervision Bureau of the High-tech Zone, said that safety production must be sounded with alarms. In the new situation, enterprises must stand The new starting point is to take the road of “strong security through science and technology”, build intrinsic safety in key posts and key links, build a safety production protection net, and achieve safe development.

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