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Key parameters of spraying robot
  • Release date:2023-04-27
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At present, the degree of automation of spraying robots is getting higher and higher, and they are basically fully automatic. If the spraying parameters are not set well before spraying, it will lead to defective batches.


1.Spraying flow

The electrostatic spraying robot's flow rate is the amount of coating material that is fed to the rotating cup per unit time, which is also called the discharge amount. The amount of flow affects the thickness of the paint film. Different colors of paint have different hiding powers and different thicknesses. During the spraying process, each robot has a different spraying area and different flow settings. At the same time, the flow is also related to the shape of the object being sprayed. For cars, the regular five-door one-cover profile generally has a larger flow, while the pillar, ridge, and corner flow are small.

2.Forming air

The gas is sprayed from the uniformly distributed small holes on the back side of the spin cup, which is used to limit the amplitude (fan width) of the paint mist, and push the atomized paint mist toward the coating object, and place the paint mist to diffuse and rebound to pollute the spin cup and Atomizer. For metallic paint, the spray width affects the final color effect, and the spray width is not suitable and it is easy to appear zebra pattern or flowering. The setting of the spray width is related to the distance between the two guns, and the paint is superimposed three times. If the distance between the two guns is 100mm, the spray width should be controlled to 300mm, so that the same point of paint can be superimposed 3 times.

3, rotating cup speed

The rotation speed of the rotating cup is the key parameter of paint atomization. The centrifugal force generated when the rotating cup rotates at high speed makes the paint atomize very fine (50-100μm). The smaller the paint droplet diameter, the better the smoothness of the paint film, the smaller the orange peel effect and the higher the gloss. The setting of the rotation speed is also related to the type of paint. The rotation speed of the colored paint is relatively small, and the rotation speed of the middle paint and varnish is relatively high. Rotational speed and flow rate are also related. If the flow rate is large, the rotation speed must be increased to achieve a better atomization effect. However, if the rotation speed is too high, the paint sprayed onto the coated object will be dry, which will cause orange peel problems.

4.High voltage

In electrostatic spraying, the object to be coated is the positive electrode, and the rotating cup is the negative electrode. After applying a high voltage between the two electrodes, a strong electrical attraction force is generated, so that the atomized paint mist particles are transmitted to the surface of the object to be coated. The high voltage affects the electrostatic effect of electrostatic spraying, paint rate, and uniformity of the paint film. Flow, speed, molding air, and high pressure directly affect film formation quality, but also affect paint utilization. In the production, it is necessary to adjust the characteristics of the paint and the parameters of the atomizer, and the parameters of the quadruple must be comprehensively considered and continuously optimized to achieve the ideal spraying effect.

As long as the above parameters are set before the painting robot works, the next work will be very easy.

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