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KUKA and D ü RR jointly launch the application package of painting robot
  • Release date:2020-03-09
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Technology is always moving forward, and people are always worried that robots will snatch human jobs in the near future.



But the truth is not so. The rapid advancement of technology has not only brought many new jobs and jobs to human beings, but also created more and more new jobs for the robot society.

In recent years, the robot society is also full of newcomers. Will the newly emerged robots “愣头青” just enter the “workplace” also encounter various challenges like human friends? In the same cruel and competitive world, how can they create a new world of themselves?

This summer, KUKA, as the world's leading supplier of robots, factories and engineering systems, launched ready2_spray in collaboration with Dürr, a market leader in the field of spray coatings.

As the world's first application package with the same payload and working range, ready2_spray meets the needs of the general industry in the automated spray paint market for high-quality, fully automatic paint spraying, and fills a big gap in the field of coating application automation. A great choice for general industrial needs such as wood, plastic, glass and metal spraying.

Automatic spray application, scientific and convenient design without worry

KUKA spraying applications will bring significant convenience and competitive advantages to market participants in the continuously developing global industrialization process.

KUKAready2_spray uses a pre-configured automation application package, which can be quickly installed at the customer site, ready to use, efficient and convenient. At the same time, with the help of Dürr professional spraying technology, it can spray single-component or two-component paint and ensure high-quality spraying effects.

The advanced technology of the two market leaders is merged. Ready2_spray not only meets the needs of future smart factories, but also meets all the requirements of the industry for quality, performance and economical solutions.

KUKAready2_spray resume:

● KR10R1100EX2G robot from KRAGILUSsixx robot family

● Dürr one-component / two-component coating application

● KUKA control system KRC4 combined with DürrEcoAUC control unit

● Especially suitable for the application areas with extremely high requirements for coating applications and the need to integrate explosion-proof measures in technical solutions

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