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Advantages and prospects of automatic spraying robot
  • Release date:2023-06-02
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It has been more than 60 years since the founding of New China. From the automobile as a symbol of wealth to the people now generally owning their own private cars, from contact through correspondence to a smartphone now, it has revealed the people's living standards and consumer needs With the continuous improvement of production capacity, the output of many industries has continued to increase, which has accelerated the pace of China's industrial development. In the course of development, many technologies have gradually matured, and spraying technology is one of them.

As stated at the beginning of the article, people now generally have their own cars and mobile phones. These products are assembled and processed in the factory without beautifying the appearance. One of the most commonly used techniques is painting. Traditional spraying requires workers to spray on the surface of the product by holding the spray gun. When the object is large or tall, they often need to move themselves to adjust the position or work with tools, resulting in low work efficiency. Thanks to the development of the computer industry, industrial robots have gradually appeared in people's vision, and huge breakthroughs have been made in spraying technology. Spraying robots have emerged at the historic moment. Compared with traditional spraying methods, spraying robots have the following advantages:

1: Compared with traditional manual spraying, the spraying robot has higher spraying quality

The spraying robot can spray accurately and without deviation according to the programmed trajectory, accurately control the spray gun switch, and set the spraying parameters to control the process to minimize the deviation.

2: Compared with traditional manual spraying, the spraying robot saves resources

Because of the accuracy and consistency of the spraying robot, there is no over-spraying or over-spraying when spraying the product, which can greatly save resources and reduce defective spraying.

Three: The use of spraying robots is more efficient and flexible than manual

For complex and large products, the spraying robot can be positioned accurately and quickly, and for higher products, no tools are needed. By programming the product spraying trajectory and controlling the process, batch workpiece production can be realized. Spraying automation .

Four: the use of spraying robot can effectively save space and energy consumption

The flexibility of the robot itself determines that it can be installed in high-density production lines or spaces, and its installation methods can be floor-mounted, wall-mounted, inverted, and conveyor belts. The reasonable installation method reduces the area of the spray booth, saves the site cost, and reduces the energy consumption to maintain the spray environment.

Five: Save labor costs and improve safety

The coating production line generally runs continuously. However, it is impossible for workers to work 24 hours a day without a break. Two shifts can be used, but this means more labor costs, and now people pay more attention to their own The health and harsh spraying environment require companies to purchase protective gear, which increases the company's expenditure. Using robots can work tirelessly, as long as there are workpieces produced on the production line, and spraying workers can be replaced from the harmful work environment to reduce business expenses.

Now spraying robots are beginning to be favored by many companies. According to their own needs, the traditional manual spraying method has gradually been replaced by spraying robots using spraying robots to achieve spraying automation. The future development of spraying technology benefits from the rise of the vision system. At this stage, domestic manufacturers have begun to develop and use vision systems to implement automatic spraying systems to locate products, calculate the positional relationship of each workpiece, correct the deviation values caused by different positions, and The spraying parameters can be adjusted, and the optimization of the programming when the product needs to be replaced later. The spraying technology is improving day by day. More and more companies are upgrading. The use of robots instead of humans is the general trend. Only continuous updating of the technology can achieve sustainable development, and the pace of spraying technology development has never stopped.

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