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Underwater booster - Spray

Underwater booster - Spray

American crowdfunding product, personal consumer-grade intelligent underwater booster "White Shark MIX", has the reputation of "underwater drone". During the spraying process, there are a lot of radians and steep slopes. Using the Canlin automatic spraying system, it is perfectly adapted to the spraying of complex shaped products.

Project photos:

Customer background:

A foundry joint venture in Jiangxi, the products are mainly European and American brand 3C products and home appliance products.

Background of the project:

The crowdfunding product personal consumer-grade underwater booster "White Shark MIX" has completed the funding preparation stage in the United States. Currently in production. As the exclusive production OEM of this product, it is urgent for the customer to increase the production capacity. Due to the complex appearance of the product and the high appearance requirements, the previous spraying equipment obviously could not meet the process requirements.

Project objective information:

According to the communication between the technical engineering team of our company and the customer, and understanding from various parties, the product is an underwater booster made of plastic. The product has a complex structure with a large number of curved surfaces and slopes. There are three models. The maximum size is 400mm × 350mm × 150mm, and the minimum size is 250mm × 250mm × 100mm. Weight 0.5-1kg. Oily varnish and varnish are used. The process requires two coatings and two bakings. The film thickness is 20-25μm and the uniformity is controlled within 1.5μm. The production capacity requirement is 400,000 pieces / year. The construction area of the site is 10M × 6M × 3.5M.

Process analysis:

Our company has its own proofing workshop. After taking back the sample from the customer, after debugging by our technical engineers, the overall film thickness reached 23 μm, and the uniformity was controlled within 1.5 μm. Due to its unique appearance, the spraying process is very complicated. To achieve automatic spraying, the following two requirements need to be met: a flexible and flexible spray trajectory, and precise flow control. Flexible and highly repeatable spray trajectory can adapt to the unique characteristics of the product's appearance; precise flow control controls the overall uniformity within the required range and improves product quality.

Capacity analysis:

Yield rate is a prerequisite for stable output, and the main factors affecting yield rate are the following three points:

1. Cleanliness of the production environment.

2. Whether the spraying action is flexible.

3. Whether the flow control is accurate and stable.

 The air supply system adopts multi-layer primary, intermediate and high-efficiency filtering. The fresh air entering the spray booth does not contain dust and other pollutants, ensuring the cleanliness of the production environment to reach 100,000. According to the product's unique appearance, multiple curved surfaces and slopes. We use imported coating robots, which are flexible and flexible, with a repeatability of 0.02mm, which can fully meet the high-precision requirements of the spray track of the product. Equipped with the "Canlin supporting robot spraying process control system" independently developed by our company, the paint flow is accurately controlled, and the yield is above 85%.

 Yield rate is the guarantee of stable output, and production capacity is the fundamental to ensure output. Based on a conservative estimate of a minimum yield of 85%, the annual production capacity needs to reach 470,000 pieces / year. According to our proofing data, combined with the customer's annual production time, two sets of spraying systems are required and two coatings and two bakings are performed at the same time to achieve the production capacity requirements.


Through the above analysis, our company provides the following solutions.

Spraying system:

Two spraying systems were used to achieve the target capacity. The hardware adopts imported painting robot mounting, Canlin center-mounted rotary table, and Canlin automatic paint supply system. The software uses "Canlin three-axis turntable spray control system", "Canlin spray flow control system", and "Canlin supporting robot spraying process control system".

Supply air system:

The air supply system adopts multi-layer primary, intermediate and high-efficiency filtering. The fresh air entering the spray booth does not contain dust and other pollutants, ensuring the cleanliness of the production environment to reach 100,000. The exhaust system uses a water curtain spray cabinet for the first exhaust filter and the second exhaust filter. The high-efficiency exhaust gas treatment tower installed on the top floor will pass the deep filtration to meet the safety standards before discharging.

Conveyor system:

The conveyor uses a mesh-chain conveyor line. The line body speed can be adjusted according to the production speed of the product to improve production efficiency. The mesh-chain conveyor line is easy to maintain and maintain a stable and reliable structure. It is made of stainless steel, which can adapt to high-temperature baking in process requirements and has a long service life.


After 25 days of intense construction on site, we successfully completed the project construction. After training in theoretical knowledge and practical operation, production personnel are proficient in the entire production process, precautions, robot program writing, maintenance, troubleshooting and so on. After a week of trial production, it fully met the customer's production capacity requirements. The yield rate exceeded the expected 85%.

 The successful completion of the project is inseparable from multiple communications with the client, fully understanding its needs and objective information of the project, and formulating a solution that fully meets the needs of the client. Chanlin always adheres to the principle of "listening to your needs and always thinking about one more step for you", moving forward with customers.

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