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What are the standards that painting equipment needs to meet?
  • Release date:2023-04-21
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As its name indicates, the painting equipment is mainly auxiliary equipment dedicated to painting, which can effectively improve the efficiency of painting. Which spray painting equipment is good is a question with a high frequency of inquiry. It is recommended that consumers choose the painting equipment with good quality and good service after field inspection and performance comparison. Even if problems occur later, they can be properly solved in a short time. . As one of many painting equipment categories, the standards that should be met can be summarized in three levels.


1.The sprayed paint surface is flat and uniform.

The spray painting equipment needs to meet the standards including the flatness and uniformity of the paint surface. This is particularly important. If the paint surface shows an uneven look, it may be reworked, which is not enough saving time and cost. . High-quality equipment can ensure that the paint surface has uniform characteristics. It is recommended that consumers can witness different changes with their own eyes.

2.The proportion of paint mixed is just right

The standards that paint spray equipment need to meet also include the appropriate mixing ratio, but any thick or thin state is not a good result. After mixing the paint, it should be in a thick and suitable state, so as to ensure the uniformity of subsequent spraying. If the consistency is too high, it will not be easy to adhere, and if it is too low, uneven color will appear.

3.The speed of spray painting is controlled within a reasonable range

The standards that spray painting equipment needs to meet also include reasonable speed to prevent unfavorable conditions during the formal operation. For example, if the spraying speed is too fast, the device for outputting paint will not be able to follow up, and too slow will cause the paint to be premature. These two states are not in the better range, and can only be achieved by controlling the spraying speed.

The standards that paint equipment needs to meet are shown above. After a series of detailed descriptions and conclusions, I believe that consumer awareness has been raised to a new level. It is important to identify high-quality paint equipment. In addition, the personnel who control the equipment need to have certain experience so that they can control the equipment to complete the painting work.

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