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What is the production efficiency and process effect of spraying robot?
  • Release date:2023-06-02
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The traditional spraying method is for workers to spray products with handheld spray guns. The accuracy of handheld spray guns is not high, and it is easy to cause multiple sprays, leak sprays, and over sprays when spraying multiple products. This will not only reduce the product qualification rate but also Waste paint. The spraying robot has high precision and can accurately open and close the gun timing. As long as the spraying trajectory is taught and programmed, the predetermined trajectory is sprayed during the production process. Unexpected multiple sprays, leak sprays, and oversprays do not occur, which saves paint. .

The spraying robot can be used to control the process parameters of the product through the process control cabinet. Because of the consistency of the industrial robot, the process parameters are set to test the product and there is no problem. The batch production can be started.

The advantages of using a process control cabinet are:

Positive pressure explosion-proof design

Fast response

The use of high-performance electrical proportional valves and high-speed solenoid valves with closed-loop control is 40% faster than other brands' corresponding speeds, which meets the process requirements for rapidly changing "brushes" in different parts of the spray.

High accuracy

It can precisely control various spraying process parameters, and the system has high repeat accuracy, ensuring stable output of spraying parameters, and ensuring the stability of spraying quality.

High return on investment

Precise process control improves the utilization rate of coatings and the through rate of products, reduces the waste of coatings and has a high return on investment.


The coating production line generally works continuously. It is impossible for workers to spray. It is impossible to work 24 hours a day. It is inevitable to take breaks and sick leave. When you need to spray larger products, you need to use tools to reduce production efficiency. Use automatic lines The spraying robot can cooperate with the continuous non-stop work of the production line, and can accurately and efficiently reach the designated place for spraying. When choosing a spraying robot, it should be selected based on the size of the product, spraying form of spray gun and technical strength.


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