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Performance advantages of spraying robot compared with manual spraying
  • Release date:2023-09-07
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With the rapid development of intelligent manufacturing and the rapid popularization of industrial robots, spraying robots are also accelerating the process transformation of traditional spraying industries with advantages such as high spraying quality, high automatic spraying efficiency, and high return on investment.

Spraying robot, also known as spraying robot, is an industrial robot that can automatically spray or spray other paints. The spraying robot is mainly composed of the robot body, computer and corresponding control system. The hydraulically driven spraying robot also includes hydraulic oil sources, such as oil pumps and fuel tanks. And motors. 5 or 6 degrees of freedom articulated structure is usually used, the arm has a large space for movement, and can perform complex trajectory movements, and its wrist generally has 2 to 3 degrees of freedom, which can be flexibly moved. The wrist of the more advanced painting robot uses a flexible wrist, which can be bent in all directions and can be rotated. Its action is similar to that of a human wrist, and it can easily reach into the workpiece through a small hole and spray its inner surface. The robot can be sprayed by hand-to-hand teaching or point-to-point programming. Spraying robots are widely used in furniture, ceramics, sanitary, auto parts, metal and other industries.


Spraying robot spray paint

At this stage, most of China's manufacturing industries still rely on traditional manual methods for spraying. In order to meet the user's requirements for film thickness and apparent quality, additional grinding and repainting are often required. As a result, manual spraying has high labor intensity, low operating efficiency, and long-term exposure to paint and solvents is harmful to workers' bodies. Factors such as the current difficulty in recruiting workers and rising wages have begun to plague all industries. In addition, industrial equipment in the manufacturing industry generally has a complex structure and high product quality requirements. To solve the above problems, we must consider the machine replacement plan, so as to improve production efficiency, improve quality and reduce operating costs. Therefore, the demand for intelligent spraying robots in the general industrial manufacturing field is more urgent.

Advantages of spraying robot

01 Flexible

a. Large working range and great possibility of upgrading.

b. It can spray the inner and outer surfaces.

c. Mixed line production of multi-variety products

02 Improve spray quality and material usage

a. Accurate spraying trajectory, improving the uniformity of coating film and other appearance spraying quality.

b. Reduce the amount of overspray and the amount of cleaning solvent, and improve the utilization rate of materials

03 Easy to operate and maintain

a. Demonstration by hand, automatic generation of spray trajectory, no programming, convenient and fast.

b. The maintenance accessibility of all parts is good, which is convenient for maintenance.

04 High equipment utilization

a. The utilization rate of artificial air spraying is generally only 30% -50%.

b. Spraying robot matching electrostatic gun spraying paint utilization rate can be as high as 90%

05 High return on investment

a.Using a robot can usually reduce 2-4 people, which can reduce labor costs by 150,000-300,000 a year; using robots to spray paint reduces the cost of paint by 10-30%, based on a factory's annual paint cost of 1 million, saving paint every year The cost is 100,000 to 300,000.

b. The return on investment of a spraying robot is usually 1-2 years.

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