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How to judge the effect of toy spraying
  • Release date:2023-08-03
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Toy spraying plays a vital role in the output and appearance of toys. It can also perform secondary coloring of toys according to the actual needs of customers. Therefore, which is the most important content that most consumers pay attention to. Choosing a good toy spray can save a lot of unnecessary tedious things, and also ensure the overall quality of the finished product after making it. The following editors will guide you to learn how to properly identify the effect of toy spray.


1. Evaluate the quality level of the paint and whether it will give off an irritating taste

Judging the effect of toy spraying from the type of paint, considering that all toy products are targeted at children from all over the country. If the quality of the paint is not high enough, it is likely to affect the child's health, so you must check whether the use is particularly safe and The two standards of environmental protection, whether the smell emitted by the sense of smell is pungent.

2. Observe the flatness and smoothness of the paint surface by naked eyes

The toy can be viewed by hand to check the smoothness and smoothness of the paint surface, and the level of toy spraying technology is also reflected here. If the paint surface is smooth and smooth, it will pass the level, and the uneven surface indicates that the spraying method is not consistent. It is required that such a toy will only receive a rough touch in the hand, which will affect the performance of the toy's natural attributes.

3. Is the color match and combination reasonable?

The third criterion for judging the good or bad spraying effect of toys is around coloring. It is necessary to compare whether the colors on the toys match the characteristics of the toys and whether the thickness of the paint surface is within a reasonable range. If the color is not uniform, or the color is confusing, it means that the spraying effect is not enough.

The above are the three important criteria for identifying the quality of toy spraying effects. Consumers can completely screen and compare each item one by one, and roughly understand the main characteristics of toy spraying that meet the requirements. The key measurement factors are those that meet the requirements before consumers are worth buying for their children.

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