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Pirate king character model (manual) - Spray

Pirate king character model (manual) - Spray

Japan One Piece Anime Handmade (anime character model), produced by the copyright owner. The surface of the character is sprayed with multiple colors for a small amount of time to achieve a gradual three-dimensional effect and gloss. The use of Chanlin's automated painting workstation improves quality and productivity.

Project photos:

Production video:

Customer background:

A toy and handicraft OEM Sino-Japanese joint venture in the Pearl River Delta region. The products are mainly Japanese anime handicrafts and crafts.

Background of the project:

Due to the high-quality toy spraying industry, product quality requirements are high. At present, manual spraying is basically used, which has caused problems such as high labor costs, unstable quality, and low productivity. Rising labor costs have caused heavy burdens on enterprises, and automated production is urgent.

Project objective information:

According to the communication between our technical engineering team and the customer's meeting and multi-party understanding, the products are anime boutique dolls, most of which adopt humanoid design, various sizes and arcs and shapes. The maximum size is 100mm × 200mm, and the minimum size is 50mm × 100mm. The weight is 0.2-0.6kg. Use a small flow spray gun for three coats to achieve a skin color close to the human body. Or use multiple colors to achieve a gradient effect. In the manual spraying process, due to objective factors such as proficiency, fatigue, and mood, there will be differences in product quality, and even the yield rate cannot be guaranteed. The production capacity requires 800,000 pieces / year. The construction area of the site is 5M × 9M × 3.5M.

Process analysis:

Due to the small appearance and irregular shape of the product, the spraying process is complicated. After many investigations by technical engineers, we learned that if we want to realize automatic spraying, we must meet the following three requirements: anthropomorphic flexible spraying trajectory, precise flow control, and fast color switching. The flexible and highly repeatable spray trajectory can adapt to the problem of small product size and irregular shape; accurate flow control provides guarantee for product quality; fast color switching provides strong support for the improvement of production capacity.

Capacity analysis:

Yield rate is a prerequisite for stable output, and the factors that affect yield are mainly the following two points:

1. Whether the spraying action is flexible.

2. Whether the flow control is accurate and stable.

For products with small size and irregular shape. We use imported small robots, which are flexible and flexible, with a repeat accuracy of 0.02mm, which can be safely adapted to the spraying trajectory of the product. . Equipped with the “Canlin supporting robot spraying process control system” independently developed by our company, it accurately controls the paint flow and achieves a yield of more than 95%.

Yield rate is the guarantee of stable output, and production capacity is the fundamental to ensure output. With a conservative estimate of a minimum yield of 95%, the annual production capacity needs to reach 800,000 pieces / year. According to our proofing data, combined with the customer's annual production time, only two spraying systems can be used to meet the production capacity requirements.


Through the above analysis, our company provides the following solutions.

Spraying system:

Designed with independent workstations. Since the buildable area is only 5M × 9M × 3.5M, an independent workstation is the best solution. The hardware adopts a small robot side-mounted, Chanlin center-mounted rotary table, and a small water curtain spray cabinet. The software adopts "Canlin three-axis turntable spraying control system", "Canlin spraying flow control system", and "Canlin supporting robot spraying process control system".


After 7 days of installation and commissioning at the site, the project construction was successfully completed. After training in theoretical knowledge and practical operation, production personnel are proficient in the entire production process, precautions, robot program writing, maintenance, troubleshooting and so on. After a week of trial production, it fully met the customer's production capacity requirements. The yield rate exceeded the expected 95%.

The successful completion of the project is inseparable from multiple communications with the client, fully understanding its needs and objective information of the project, and formulating a solution that fully meets the needs of the client. Chanlin always adheres to the principle of "listening to your needs and always thinking about one more step for you", moving forward with customers.

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