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Advantages of Robot Spraying in toy spraying
  • Release date:2023-11-16
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Toy spraying is a relatively complicated and delicate process, which is equivalent to re-coloring the toy. The flatness of the paint surface and the thickness ratio are particular. The good toy spraying can complete all the coloring tasks within the specified time. Most customers tend to choose a good after-sale toy spraying manufacturer. After subsequent problems, they can still seek the assistance of the manufacturer. With the widespread spread of intelligent technology, advanced toy spraying manufacturers have begun to use robotic spraying. The form has the following advantages.


1. Eliminate unnecessary labor costs

The first major advantage of using toy robots for painting and spraying toys is the saving of labor costs. The spraying amount of one robot is equivalent to that achieved by three or four workers. Therefore, only one robot can be used to complete the same time. A certain number of toy spraying will naturally save part of the labor cost, which is a way of doing more for enterprises.

2, greatly improve the efficiency of spraying

Toy spraying uses a spraying robot to complete the number of toys that need to be sprayed in a specified time. This is far from being reached by human labor alone. The high efficiency shown by robotic spraying will reduce the overall estimated time and the length of robotic spraying Unrestricted, and manpower needs regular breaks to show better spray results.

3.Improve the quality of spraying invisibly

The third major advantage of using spray robots for toy spraying is the improvement of quality. Robot spraying can control the thickness of the paint surface only by setting the various parts in advance. The finished product can be viewed from a distance or a close-up. The flat surface and better color show people, the error is much smaller than manual spraying.

The advantages of robotic spraying for toy spraying are summarized as above, and the reasoning is summarized from three different perspectives. Robotic spraying can save labor costs and improve efficiency, and also ensure that the finished paint surface is of high quality Help consumers clearly realize the benefits of robotic spraying for toy spraying.

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