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Reasons for the sharp increase in the demand for spray automation
  • Release date:2020-03-09
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Relying on advanced automation and intelligent research and development achievements, the production of imported facilities and equipment has become the norm. Spraying automation has emerged in this context, especially relying on years of perfect use, making its functions and operations With a more complete improvement, and to a certain extent, it has also driven the improvement of high-quality coating automation and quantification, at least in terms of the scope of application. So what is the reason for the surge in demand for spray automation use?


I. The implementation of automation eases the difficulty of manual operation

Fundamentally speaking, the development of automated equipment is an inevitable trend in society. In particular, various facilities and equipment have begun to effectively introduce the integration of automation technology, thereby effectively reducing the dependence on labor costs. The good service and strong spray automation meet this demand to a certain extent. Through the control of intelligent technology, on the one hand, the labor cost is reduced, and on the other hand, the spraying effect can be more stable, especially In the miniaturization of spraying work processing, the efficiency and effect of automation are obviously more comprehensively guaranteed.

Efficient presentation of spraying effect

Based on the premise of continuous introduction of technology, good service spraying automation introduces advanced process control, improves the optimization of fluid supply, and all promotes the effective implementation of spraying automation to a certain extent. Especially for the larger length and more special spraying standards required by the standard, combined with the implementation of advanced computer control and precise programming, it is obviously possible to achieve better work development and improvement. The continuous improvement and optimization of the good quality of spraying automation in the work process has gradually provided a strong auxiliary implementation for its market awareness and usage.

As mentioned above, the spraying automation with very high domestic brand awareness will be better organically improved from the perspective of operation requirements, especially the better introduction of more comprehensive processes and special presentations, thus further for the spraying work with high demand. The perfect implementation of the technology provides a guarantee for the development of China's spray coating industry.

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