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Four sets of six gun tracking spray robots have been put into production successfully!
  • Release date:2020-03-05
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After the customer company ordered the "two sets of three-gun tracking spraying system" last time, the production efficiency, process requirements, and stable savings were recognized by the customer, and it was decided to add four more six-gun tracking spraying robots.

It lasted for more than ten days.

    The installation and commissioning of four sets of spraying robots were successfully completed and they were officially put into production. No matter in terms of performance, stability or process requirements, it has still reached the customer's approval. This effect can be attributed to the solidarity between the customer and our technical staff.

    This project uses the "Automatic Line Tracking Spraying System". Each robot is equipped with six spray guns, each two spray guns as a group, mainly spraying single / double colors of the mobile phone shell, and can spray three groups of products at the same time.

    Compared with the traditional fixed gun spraying, it has two huge advantages: first, the paint can be saved up to 15-30%, which not only greatly reduces the production cost, but also reduces the emissions can also establish a brand image for the enterprise; At the time of the first item, when switching between different products for production, you only need to call the corresponding program, and no extra operations are required.


   The two-color spraying of the mobile phone shell is the difficulty of this project. While training with the new employees of the customer, our technical personnel broke through the difficulties. The employees of both parties worked together to discuss how the two paint colors work together to control the flow and spray gun The reasonable use of the product has made a gradient effect of two colors on the phone case, successfully solved the problem of two-color spraying, and formulated a reasonable solution for customers and a solution for future product updates. We always uphold our business philosophy: "Listen to your needs, Chan Lin always thinks for you one more step."

The successful completion of the "four sets of six-gun tracking spraying robots" cannot be separated from the full cooperation of customers and the dedication of our technical staff, and we have gained more experience in the spraying process. I believe that we can use them better in future work. Technology, has been recognized by more customers, "Shenzhen Chanlin Intelligent Equipment" is willing to work with you to move forward together.

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Address: 301A, building B, No. 10 Tongfu Road, tangxiayong, Yanluo street, Bao'an District, Shenzhen
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