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A set of middle turntable powder spraying robot is put into production successfully!
  • Release date:2020-03-05
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Aiming at the powder spraying market for radiator products, our company has launched the "center-mounted rotary table III". The mechanical structure has been specially optimized. In the design and installation of each component, each and every space is fully and reasonably utilized, not only to achieve stable operation, And the appearance has strong adaptability to the scene space. And accurate positioning, repeatability of 0.2mm. The rotation axis can be rotated forward and backward continuously or at a minimum of 3 °, which is completely suitable for the spraying process of complex shaped products.

Compact design. The swivel arm adopts a slim streamlined appearance, which has a higher space utilization rate, and the dust paint is not easy to pile up, which is convenient and quick to clean. The product base occupies only 1/2 of the traditional rotary table. In the production site, it not only improves the utilization of space, but also creates a more comfortable and efficient working environment for production personnel.

Modular structure, can choose the corresponding length of the boom according to the product size, each part can be easily disassembled, convenient maintenance. The central design of the robot makes full use of the robot's working area, and minimizes the production space, and the initial investment cost can be greatly reduced.

After the feedback from the field and the constant summary of the technical staff, it now has both practical and safety functions such as intuitive, simple and easy to understand production status, fault alarms, maintenance reminders, and safety interlocks.

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Address: 301A, building B, No. 10 Tongfu Road, tangxiayong, Yanluo street, Bao'an District, Shenzhen
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