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"Three gun tracking spray system" officially put into production
  • Release date:2020-03-05
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"Three spray gun tracking spraying system" officially put into production 


After ten days of intense installation and commissioning, a total of two "tracking spraying systems" were successfully completed and put into production. Confirmed by on-site technical staff, quality inspection and maintenance, both the production capacity, stability, and process requirements can reach the standard.


"Tracking spraying system" is a set of spraying system that automatically sprays the product in accordance with the flow of the line body. Compared with fixed gun spraying, it has two huge advantages: first, the paint can be saved up to 15-30%, which not only greatly reduces production costs, but also reduces the emissions and can establish a brand image for the enterprise; second, it reduces the number one Time, when switching between different products for production, you only need to call the corresponding program, no extra operations are required.

At present, the “Tracking Spraying System” independently developed by our company (Shenzhen Canlin Intelligent Equipment) can be equipped with 3 automatic spray guns to spray 3 groups of products at the same time, and is equipped with the corresponding “Process Control System” independently developed by our company. According to the actual spraying conditions, enter the corresponding values to fine-tune the process parameters such as fan shape, atomization and flow. Once commissioned, it can be used immediately.


Following the last 8 “dual gun tracking spraying systems”, the successful completion of a total of 2 “three spray gun tracking spraying systems” depends on the full cooperation of customers and the hard work of our technical staff. 2018 is about to pass. Looking forward to 2019, "Shenzhen Chanlin Intelligent Equipment" is willing to work with customers to move forward together.

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